Discover Trends in Animal Cancer with the VetCancer Registry

The VetCancer Registry collects data about neoplasia in cats and dogs; it includes only cases diagnosed by histopathology. The data are basic, but are in a format that allows you to easily manipulate it to discover trends in animal cancer, to pool data with other clinicians and for further research. Any veterinarian may submit a case through our web site. We hold the case as pending and enter it into the database as soon as we receive a necropsy, biopsy, or cytology report confirming the diagnosis. If the animal is alive when you submit the case, we will request updated information on a regular basis.

The power and excitement created by this multi-site effort is astounding and contagious. The data are available at no charge to anyone who has access to the Internet at We hope you enjoy The VetCancer Registry and find it useful and rewarding.

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