Any veterinarian may submit a case to the VetCancer Registry. The first time you submit a case you do need to register and choose a password, but after that, you may submit as many cases as you wish.

The VetCancer Registry accepts only cases diagnosed by histopathology. When you submit a case it will be held in a separate file and not become part of the database itself. Once you supply a cytology, biopsy or necropsy report generated by a pathologist we will add the case to our database. If the animal is alive when you submit the case, we will request updated information on a regular basis.

Case Submission

After registering, you can start submitting cases by clicking the button marked Case Submission and filling in the submission form for each case you wish to submit. You can submit cases as often as you would like. The cases will not be added to the database until The VetCancer Registry receives a necropsy or biopsy report. You will receive e-mail confirmation that we have added your case to the registry database.

We have included certain information on the case submission form to decrease the likelihood of redundant submissions. The completed case submission form is not available to those entering the website and no specific information about individual cases is available to the general public.

If an animal is alive at the time of submission, The VetCancer Registry will e-mail the contributor every six months to update the original case information.

Contributor information is not provided for any outside use in any manner without the written consent of that contributor. No case information identifying a pet, pet owner, or contributor, is available to the general public. Case information material identifying a pet, pet owner, or contributor is only available for VetCancer Registry's administrative use. No individual case will be specifically identified without the written permission of the submitting veterinarian. No registration material of any kind will be available to anyone except for VetCancer Registry’s administrative use. Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more details .

No individual case will be specifically identified except by the search criteria made available on the Search The Data web page.

Necropsy and Biopsy Report Submission

The case will not be added to the database until The VetCancer Registry receives a cytology, necropsy or biopsy report. This helps confirm that the diagnosis was based on tissue confirmation. The cytology, necropsy, or biopsy reports may be sent via e-mail to, by FAX to 301-695-9179, and by regular mail to The VetCancer Registry, P. O. Box 352, 168 West Main Street, New Market, MD 21774, USA. The registrant will receive e-mail confirmation that their case has been added to the registry database.


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