How many? How often? What's best? How are others handling these?

These are the considerations encountered when treating neoplasia in cats and dogs. The choices aren't simple and they aren't easy, but with better information handling and cooperation among peers, we can improve our ability to choose.

For clinicians, the ability to search thousands of cancer cases, exploring trends in presentations, treatments and outcomes can yield basic and substantive results, which will impact our patient care. We are now able to add our experiences in the treatment of our own cancer patients to veterinary medicine’s general knowledge. We in clinical research, both as researchers and as editors/reviewers, have accepted a standard in which 20-30 cases per report is commonplace. We all recognize how this situation has undermined the value of our literature. This is useful information, but not sufficient to recognize true epidemiologic trends. Only by collaborating and pooling our data can we break through this barrier, spot trends in occurrence and recognize treatments that will set the stage for success and further inquiry. The VetCancer Registry has taken a giant leap forward with a free, user-friendly service that enables clinicians to look at the trends established by thousands of cases and encourage research colleagues to share information.

Access and Submit Data Easily, Without Charge.

The VetCancer Registry provides easy access to anyone with an Internet connection. There's no need to register--simply click on "View the Data." A form enables you to enter search criteria specifying age, type of animal, stage of disease, and many \ other variables.

Any veterinarian may submit a case to the VetCancer Registry. The first time you submit a case you do need to register, but after that, you may submit as many cases as you wish.

In addition, e-mail will allow researchers at various locations to communicate their findings on larger sample sizes than was available in the past.

We do not charge for submitting data, accessing data, or using the e-mail system.

Feel Confident that the Data are from Valid Cases and Up-to-Date

The VetCancer Registry accepts only cases diagnosed by histopathology. When you submit a case, we will ask you to supply a cytology, biopsy or necropsy report from a pathologist before we include the case in our database. If the animal is alive when you submit the case, we will request updated information on a regular basis. The submission form is designed to ensure that we do not include duplicates of the same case.

Your Privacy and Your Patients' Privacy Are Protected

Contributor information is not provided for any outside use in any manner without the written consent of that contributor. No case information identifying a pet, pet owner, or contributor, is available to the general public. Case information material identifying a pet, pet owner, or contributor is only available for VetCancer Registry’s administrative use. No individual case will be specifically identified without the written permission of the submitting veterinarian. No registration material of any kind will be available to anyone except for VetCancer Registry’s administrative use. Please review our "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Service" for more details.

Interact with Colleagues

Each case identified on a data search will have a button for sending e-mail to the veterinarian(s) who contributed the case. The contributing veterinarian(s) will never be identified and is under no obligation to respond to any inquiry. This system enables you to ask quesions and gain additional information if the contributor is willing and available to do so.

Where to Go From Here

The best way to learn about this website is to look around and try it out. The way for us to become most effective is for you to contribute. As you explore, you will find curiosity will lead to more questions and the satisfaction of anticipating a trend in numbers or digging into cases can be quite infectious. If you have a question we would be happy to respond by e-mail at

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