There is no need to register to search the database. It is free and available to everyone. If you are a licensed veterinarian, you can register to submit cases by clicking on the Registration Button and completing an online form. Once registered, you may submit as many cases as you like as often as you like by clicking the Case Submission button. The case will not be added to the database until the VetCancer Registry receives a necropsy or biopsy report. The necropsy/biopsy reports may be sent via E-Mail to , by FAX to 301-695-9179, and by regular mail to The VetCancer Registry, P. O. Box 352, 168 West Main Street, New Market, MD 21774, USA. The form must be a copy of a veterinary pathologist's report. The VetCancer Registry reserves the right to refuse any and all submissions. The VetCancer Registry is not responsible for the accuracy of the individual submissions.


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